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This insurance covers the raw materials from the time the goods leave the supplier’s premises, either in country of origin of the client or from overseas, whilst undergoing process (although damage caused by the manufacturing process is excluded), or in storage at owned or third party premises. The above would be based on an All Risks coverage on a cradle to grave basis thereby reducing any potential gaps or duplications in cover. We will be utilising the marine market, with capacity, in excess of USD 500,000,000 any one loss, any one location, on a layered placement basis.

Fine Arts

Our team has the required industry sector knowledge to understand clients’ needs and be able to provide solutions delivering the optimum balance of cost, coverage and financial security. So whether valuables are stored in secure premises or used every day, we will bespoke coverage that is perfectly tailored to the individual’s requirements. We have facilities to place risks which allow us to respond immediately to client’s requirements and ensure that documentation is issued promptly.

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Financial Lines

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Professional Risk

Litigation is an imminent threat to every professional business across the world. Below please find the product that will help protect your business.

Financial Institutions Professional Liability
Commercial Crime
Computer Crime
Kidnap & Ransom
Product Recall
Cyber Insurance

Property and Casualty

We provide cost-effective and comprehensive property insurance and risk management solutions capable of maintaining your commercial operations effectively in the event of a loss. We work closely with our clients, who range from small and medium market enterprises in a wide range of industries across the country, ensuring our products are tailored to their individual business needs.

We are focused on providing the highest quality of client service possible. Our approach is to undertake an in-depth policy review for each client, ensuring we have a deep understanding of their specific requirements. Then we are able to design innovative programs to suit our clients’ current needs as well as their future growth strategy.


The object of Liability Insurance in general is to protect an individual or business against potentially crippling liabilities that may be imposed upon an insured as a result of an accident involving property damage or injury to a Third Party.

The indemnity provided covers not only the compensation amount awarded by a Court but also the Claimant’s and Policy Holder’s legal costs and expenses.

Principal coverage available
Generally all available on either Primary, or Excess Basis.

  •  Public Liability Cover (General Third Party – CGL or TPL)
  •  Product Liability Cover v  Pollution Liability Cover (Sudden and Accidental)
  •  Environmental Liability Cover (may include First Party Property  Clean Up Costs)
  • Employers’ Liability Cover
  • Product Guarantee & Recall
  • Product Contamination & Tamper
  • Clinical Trial Cover


General Coverage/highlights

  • Terrorism insurance for property damage and business interruption, including extra expense costs and loss of rental income
  • Terrorism general liability and/or employers’ liability
  • Terrorism lenders’ interests
  • Full building values or coverage on a first loss basis
  • War and political violence coverage
  • Riots, strikes, and civil commotion coverage
  • Nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological (NCBR) liability

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