Cargo Stock Throughput Insurance

This insurance covers the raw materials from the time the goods leave the supplier’s premises, either in country of origin of the client or from overseas, whilst undergoing process (although damage caused by the manufacturing process is excluded), or in storage at owned or third party premises. The above would be based on an All Risks coverage on a cradle to grave basis thereby reducing any potential gaps or duplications in cover. We will be utilising the marine market, with capacity, in excess of USD 500,000,000 any one loss, any one location, on a layered placement basis.

Advantages of stock throughput:

  • Limits are expressed on a “per location” basis and apply separately to transit and storage. In some cases, these “perlocation”limits can also be un-aggregated for major catastrophic perils such as flood, windstorm and earthquake.
  • Coverage is seamless – covering goods from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Covers the goods of manufactured products, raw materials, semi-processed goods and goods returned for repair,servicing or reconditioning.
  • Basis of Valuation/Loss Settlement on selling price can be used whether the goods are sold, are raw materials or are work in progress.
  • Lower deductibles options, than the Property Market and a single deductible will apply in respect of locations operating on an occurrence basis for all perils including named windstorm, flood and earthquake.
  • Coverage provided at third party locations.
  • Premium is determined by an analysis of exposures and is adjustable on sales turnover which minimises client administration, eliminating the need for declarations.
  • Tailor–made coverage, customised to the particular needs of each client.

Additional Coverage for niche markets can be extended to include:

  • Retail exposures.
  • Goods whilst undergoing process, provided loss and/or damage is not caused by the process.
  • Cover for spoilage and deterioration of goods reasonably attributable to temperature variation and contamination.
  • Covers leakage howsoever arising.
  • Household goods and personal effects can be covered under the operational cargo/stock throughput section of the Insurance.

Examples of Targeted Industries:

  • Oil/Petrochemicals/Energy
  • Chemical/Pharmaceutical Products
  • Textiles
  • Hi Tech/Bio Tech
  • Retail/Distribution/Logistics companies
  • Food and beverages including wines and spirits
  • Agricultural produce

Excess Stock Insurance

Designed to cover the Insured’s static stock risk as a standalone policy or in conjunction with a stock throughput programme. The main benefit of layering cargo stock throughput programmes is to place a primary layer for the average values exposed with an insurer or a panel of insurers. Dependent on a number of influencing factors we then structure an excess layer or layers maximising capacity at the best possible price available.


  • Can be used as standalone coverage or in conjunction with a stock throughput programme for seamless coverage on broad form conditions.
  • Single or multiple location placements.
  • Worldwide coverage available.
  • Is underwritten in excess of the stock throughput policy for the most competitive pricing option.
  • NAT CAT perils i.e. earthquake, flood and windstorms can be included.




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